Welcome to CanScene For Employer

Since founded in 2003, we have been devoting ourself in providing our clients with the best human resources service in town. Our service has always been client-oriented, efficient and responsible. We welcome any enterprise or individual who hires to contact with us for your specific needs and we guarantee you a happy hiring experience.

Our Guarantee

Canscene provides guarantee to each and every placement in order to ensure your satisfaction and provide you with extra security.
Our guarantee period varies with each placement and it is designed in accordance with the job postition. Please contact with us for more information.

Our Recruitment Procedure

With our 9-step recruiting procedure, demonstrated below, we can locate the most suitable candidate for our client in an effective way.

Recruitment Procedure - CanScene

Our Specialties

We have been always focusing on recruiting qualified candidates for our clients in following fields,

Our Tailored Solutions

To serve you better, we have designed four different solutions to satisfy your various manpower demands as foolows,

  • Temporary

    Our temporary solution is designed to meet your short-term needs. Whether your shortage of man power is due to your special project or the absence of your regular employee, Canscen can supply you temporary personell to fit in your vacancies for a few days upto several months. Also, during that certain period,Canscene will cover CSST expense for our temporary personell and provide you with the administrative and payroll services, including the remittance of employer contributions, reporting to government agencies, and the issuance of tax-purpose documents. You will find that it is the most flexible and cost-effective way of maintaining your productivity when you are in need of some short-term helpers.

  • Contract

    Our contract solution is designed for your positions where professionals and/or more technical skills are called for your specific projects.Canscene will ensure the eligibility of the candidates for your mandates. This option is able to give you flexibility with lesser liability and it is also a cost-effective choice when you prefer to assign your job to the freelance contractors and experts.

  • Permanent

    Our Permanent/Direct Hiring solution is designed for your positions when you prefer to hire a long-term employee of your own directly. As soon as our recruiting procedure is finished and the ideal candidate is delivered, the chosen candidate will be added to your payroll and Canscene will not involve in any affairs regarding the placement anymore except maintaining regular follow-up to make sure a successful hiring is done.

  • Temporary with Permanent Option(TWPO)

    Our Temporary with Permanent Option(TWPO) solution is designed to enable you a "trial" period before you can make your final decision of hiring over the candidates recommended by Canscene as your own long-term employees. Candidates are hired on a temporary basis at beginning knowing there might be a permanent opportunity on the way after a certain period. This option provides you with great flexibility while giving you the opportunity to keep the candidate permanently once you find it is a perfect match through the "trial" period.

Testimonial From Our Clients

Some testimonials from our clients who have been helping us and encouraging us to keep doing better......

The best agency we have ever used in town.
Thank you Canscene !

Tom Friedmann
President MXO INC.

It was a very pleasant hiring experience we had through you service and with your help. We really appreciate it and will definately work with you guys in the long run.
Thank you again!

Jin Wang
General Manager MEL INC.