About using our website

  • Do I have to register on line?

    No. You could search information without registering on our website. But, registering on our website gives you the chance to build up your job-seeking profile with us in an easier way. You could upload your C.V. onto our website after registered. You may also update these documents at any time.

  • How to change my personal profile or change my login password?

    You will have to log in with you current password first.

  • How long do you keep my C.V. if I upload it to your website?

    We normally keep candidate's C.V. for one year.

  • How to get the detail information of the job post?

    Click on the job title and there will be a window popping out showing all the detail information about the job position.

  • Do you list all the job positions on your website?

    No. Since we have built up a candidate database, we sometimes assigned the jobs directly to the suitable candidates who have already registered with us as we receive the mandates from our clients. For those job positions, it will not be posted on our website.

  • Why the job info i saw on your website was deleted?

    From 2008, as soon as the ideal candidates is located and presented to our clients regarding professional jobs,the related job info will be deleted from our website to avoid any inconvenience that might cause our job-seekers.

About using our service

  • Can I come to you office to get registered? Is there any registration fee?

    You can come to our office during our business time and it is free of charge to get registered with us. (Please refer to "Contact us" page for our business hour and location) It is always better to come to our company so that our consultants would have the opportunity to know your career orientation better and so as to serve you better.

  • What should I bring with me if I come to your office?

    We suggest you bring your S.I.N. card (in case that there is a job suitable for you on site), your medical card and one recent photo of you. (1'' or 2'' )

  • How soon can I hear from you after I register with you?

    It depends. Normally, we will contact with you as soon as we find a job position which matches what you are looking for. So it is very important to let us know your expectation when you come to register with us. You could also contact with us from time to time to get current job information from us.

  • If I am assigned to a temporary job position, how do I receive my pay?

    At present, Canscene is paying its temporary staff by check every two weeks.

  • What payroll deduction do you make for me?

    Following federal and provincial law, Canscene makes deductions for its temporary staff and detail information could be found on federal government website or provincial government website.

  • How do I obtain my T-4 and RL1?

    Canscene will mail you them to you by the end of February every year. It is very important to keep us updated with your new address if you move. If you do not receive them during that period, please contact with us as soon as you can.

  • What if I find that my pay is not correct amount?

    In case of any issues regarding your payroll, please contact with us as soon as possible.

  • Can I get a letter confirming my employment for my landlord, bank, etc?

    Yes, Canscene will provide you with an employment letter when you furnished us with the detail information regarding your matter.

  • Is it possible for my temporary position to be transferred to permanent?

    Yes. it is possible. If your job position assigned is a TWPO (Temporary with permanent option), you will have opportunity to become a permanent employee. But it is not always the case. It depends on many factors including the specific arrangements negotiated with our client, your behavior while maintaining a temp worker and other factors. We will give you the details when you are assigned a TWPO job.

  • What should I do if I am not happy with my temporary job position assigned?

    Before taking any actions, if you are not happy with your job position assigned by us, please contact us as soon as possible and we will discuss with you in order to find a solution. When assigned to work at Canscene's client's place, employee should always respect and comply with the legal measure, rules and procedure which are set to ensure a safe and healthy work environment by and at the client company.

  • Why should I obey the Rules and Regulations in the Workplace?

    When assigned to work at Canscene's client's place, employee should always respect and comply with the legal measure, rules and procedure which are set to ensure a safe and healthy work environment by and at the client company.

  • What if I need to take one day off or a couple of days off due to my personnel reasons?

    Unless it is an emergency, request of absence at work should be made to Canscene forty-eight hours ahead so that we could arrange with the client company to replace you with other employee. Failure to do so may cause your assignment terminated.

  • What if I would like to quit my temporary job assigned?

    Employee who would like to quit assigned job should notify Canscene forty-eight hours ahead.

  • What if I am injured on the work site?

    In any case if you have been injured on work site, please report the incident to your on-site supervisor immediately and notify Canscene as soon as possible.

  • What should I do if I am experiencing problems while working at the assigned place?

    Do not hesitate to contact Canscene and we will try our best to help you sort it out. Please be noted that Canscene has no right and any authority or any such to interfere with the production routine or affairs of its client company.

  • May I refer a friend of mine to where I am assigned by Canscene?

    You are not allowed to refer your friend to Canscene¡¯s client directly. However, you are more than welcome to refer your friend through Canscene to the same client company.

  • What if I would like to apply for a position I saw in the newspaper or online, can you help?

    Yes. If you saw a position which you feel suits your qualifications and interests, Canscene would love to help you provided you could furnished us with all detail information regarding this job offer.

  • Can I make sales for Canscene?

    Absolutely. If you could help Canscene build up the service relationship with your company or any company who hires, we will have a commission for you. For details please contact us.

  • What can I do if I feel that I am being harassed at work ?

    Canscene Inc. acknowledges that all employees have the right to be treated with dignity and have their physical and psychological integrity protected. Harassment of any kind is a violation of this right and will not be tolerated. Therefore, Canscene Inc. is committed to taking the necessary steps to create a workplace that fosters mutual respect and is free of all forms of harassment. Please click HERE to download Canscene Inc. Against All Forms of Harassment document to know your rights and what you could do.......