Our Skill Testing System

As the key component of Canscene's recruiting procedure, the skill testing
system of Canscene will guarantee to provide you with the most suitable
candidates for their job positions.

For any human resource manager or recruiter, it is always a big challenge to
decide which candidate to give the opportunity for a face-to-face interview
while they all claim on their C.V.s that they have the skills you are looking for.

Equipped with the best hiring tools in the world-class hiring system,which
features over 550 validated assessments for industrial,clerical,IT field,
financial job classifications,Canscene is able to determine whether or not
a candidate truly possesses the skills represented on their C.V.s through
his/her result of the evaluation test.

Our featured testing coves(not limited to)the following industries field,

Industrial Titles:

Assembly and Matching
AutoCad 14
AutoCad 2006
Basic Electronics
Electronics and Communications
Food Production

Math and Reasoning skills
Metal working skills
Micrometers and Calipers
Press Brale Operation
Quality Control Inspection
Product Packaging Skills

And more......(Total 82 Titles)

IT/Programming Titles:

Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft office 2003
.NET Framework
.NET programming C#
C programming
Weblogic Portal 7.0

Microsoft NT 4.0
Microsoft XP
.NET programming C++
.NET programming Jscript
C++ Programming
HTML, Javascript
Weblogic Server 7.0
JAVA1.1, JAVA 2.0

And more......(Total 428 Titles)

Administration/Office Titles:

Office Management Skills
Basic Office Skills
Clerical Proofreading
Internet research skills
Business Etiquette

Office Math Skills
Email Etiquette
Data Entry
Office Filling Skills
Analytical Skills
Mailroom Management Skills
Comparison Skills

And more......(Total 148 Titles)

Finance and Accounting Titles:

Bank Teller Skills
Budget Officer Skills
Financial Analysis
Commercial Banking Knowledge
Credit Management
Property Management
Accounting 2006

Accounting Terminology
Business Income Tax
Canadian Accounts Payable
Canadian Acconts Receivable
Payroll Management
QuickBooks Pro 2006/Simply

And more......(Total 72 Titles)

The thorough test will generate a full feedback not only with the test scores, but also the details of each aspect of the candidate''s skill including those areas to be improved.

Our client can also customize the test by their own choice. For more detail about this please contact with us.

Sample test result sheet of a candidate who was applying for a Java programmer position.